Counterweight Blue ™

After several years of research and product development the new Counterweight Blue™ fluid was created.  It possesses all of the desired characteristics without the toxic, corrosive and flammable properties typically found in tire fills. We assembled all the necessary equipment so that dealers can do the job themselves. When a system is purchased, all of the required training and support to start up quickly and efficiently is provided. Using Counterweight Blue™ for tires immediately becomes profitable rather than an expense for dealers.

Tire weighting costs are extremely small compared with the amount of savings it provides by extending tire life alone. Counterweight Blue™ has been used in many off-road environments, and for good reasons.

  • Increased Draw-Bar Pull

    The added weight increases draw-bar pull by putting weight at the lowest point possible.

  • Increased Tire Life

    Weighted tires enable the tread to grip the earth more firmly for maximum traction, less slippage and greater friction. Increased tire life is the direct result.

  • Reduced Wear

    Weighted tires also reduce the shock effects of up and down bouncing and of slip-and-grip drive wheel action to reduce total wear on vehicles.

After you decide to carry Counterweight Blue™ at your business, we will install, at no cost to you, a tank and pump system needed to quickly and safely fill tires.  We will deliver the system to your business and train your employees how to use the system effecitively.

Learn about all the advantages of using Counterweight Blue™  .