Counterweight Blue™ Advantages

There are so many advantages in using Counterweight Blue™.


For years, farmers used a calcium chloride solution to add weight to their tires.  However, calcium chloride is highly corrosive and quickly creates holes in your tire rims.  In addition, the end users were often required to mix the messy paste themselves. Furthermore, it was difficult to pump.  Counterweight Blue™ is non-corrosive, comes ready to use, and leaves no mess.


A common, low cost tire ballast fluid is methanol in water or “windshield wiper” fluid.  However, methanol is extremely flammable. Even a 30% methanol solution has a flash point of 93ºF.  Along with the significant safety issues this creates, the storage of methanol at your facility can significantly increase your insurance rates. Counterweight Blue™ is non-flammable and a much safer alternative.

Cost Effective

Counterweight Blue™ is a cost effective solution to your counterweight needs.  Counterweight Blue costs 80% less per pound than solid metal weights.  It is easier to install and ready to use, which saves you time.  Counterweight Blue has a density of 9.1 lbs/gallon, which is significantly more dense than methanol solutions.  Unlike salt solutions, no tire tubing is needed and your rims won’t corrode.

Biodegradable and Cost Effective

Counterweight Blue™ is completely biodegradable and is produced from all natural soy-based products.  Unlike other ballast fluids, like methanol or antifreeze, Counterweight Blue is non-toxic.  There are numerous stories of cows drinking the spillage from a punctured tire filled with methanol or antifreeze.  The result: one less head of cattle.

No Mess

Counterweight Blue™ is not sticky and won’t attract insects such as flies and bees. It is also completely soluble in water and easily washes away. With an equivalent density and similar price, why wouldn’t you use … Counterweight Blue™?